Inspiration from others!

There are so many people tweeting about ipads right now that it is hard to keep up. Equally, I spend a lot of time reading the same thing presented in different ways. To help you save time searching I have collated a few of the more notable resources for education here. Follow the links or click on the pictures to access the external sites.
Ant's ICT

Check out Anthony Evan's apps of the day and other inspirational posts from this tech wizard! If you aren't following him on twitter (@skinnyboyevans) you should be!

More fabulous ipad ideas and ICT inspiration can be found on @simonhaughton's brilliant blog. It has information and ideas, not just about ipads, but across the primary ICT curriculum. It will not fail to inspire you - and could reduce your work load too!

This is “A clutch of stories relating to school adoption of iPads”

Ipad inspiration and advice from secondary

For great advice from a fellow ipad fan and educator check out this site by Daniel Edwards (@syded06). He has first hand experience of introducing a 1:1 ipad initiative in his school and rightfully been given the new role of DIrector of Learning and Digital Strategy! His blog has tips, links and a wealth of ipad information for your perusal.  

Likewise, the knowledgeable Mark Anderson's will point you in the right direction of a wide range of apps for learning. A huge information store on his fantastic blog. Make sure you take a look! 

Acceptable use policy

Check out this great blog from Alex Findlay which has an ipad acceptable use policy and  a quick guide to installing apple tv in school. Truly helpful advice!