Ipad teaching tools

There are lots of free good tools available to help you teach and to support your classroom practice. Some of the better ones are shown here. I am starting with two of my favourites!


Explain everything
A great little app that allows you to create your own tutorials and 'how to' films very easily. 

Screen chomp is a great screen capture tool for creating explanatory clips to explain a concept or for getting children to talk about their work as they are doing it. For more information watch this explanatory video

Show me

This is a great free tool for your interactive whiteboard.

Online storage for all your files for free!

Evernote is an easy to use app that helps you remember and organise your ideas. It lets you take notes, capture photos, create to do lists and record voice reminders. 


Organise your favourites using        Pearltrees. If you click on the one above it will take you to lots of ipad info.

Audioboo is a great little app that enables you to record and publish in minutes. 
For an example, see here.   



Educreations is another great app to use on your interactive whiteboard.

If you like to plan using mind maps, Popplet might just be the thing for you. Organise ideas, photos etc easily with this handy little app.

Prezi lets you view your prezi presentations on line or offline anywhere! A handy little app if you are a prezi fan.