Apps for maths

These are some of our favourite sites at Roydon Primary. I have tried to only include the better quality apps here as there are loads available and it is often hard to decide what to buy. There is a post here from Deer class about their favourite apps too.

Multiple wipeout from Primary games has been a favourite for a while now. Select the times tables that you want to practice, then pop all the multiples as quickly as you can. Can you beat your personal best time?

Wipeout wall - knock down your wall by getting the answers right.      69p


Ghostblasters is another great mental and oral app. Blast all the multiples for the times tables you have selected to practice.


Airport arithmetic - can you work out the missing symbol and beat the clock?

Stop the clock

A great game for learning the time


More primary games fun with eggs on legs! Solve missing number calculations with this fun little app.


Super tiles lets you play against the computer or a friend and use your maths skills to get three in a row.

Banana hunt estimate the angle and win some bananas! 69p


Toy Shop HD lets you practise your money skills. Can you give the correct amount of coins to pay for toys?



Pop maths!
Match the sums to the answers. Calculations are fun!


Maths sumo is a great little game for playing in pairs. It builds quick mental and oral skills as you compete against your partner.



I am Learning is an iphone app that will work on the ipad. You complete some questions then got rewarded with a game. 


Undersea maths.

Complete the sums to solve the puzzle.


Super 7

Can you make 7? Can you stop it making numbers more than 7? Speedy problem solving and quick addition skills needed!


Motion math zoom is a stretchable number line that helps children learn the relationship between numbers.


Early Bird 

Practise your times tables for 69p

Sing your times tables with Percy Parker!


Does what it says on the tin! Created by Sherston software.

Another app from Sherston, but this one is free, is Charlie Chimp. It will help develop problem solving and spatial awareness.

Beluga maths

Recommended by @traveller_123, you can find out more here  and I will review it asap. On first look I am drawn to the visual side of it. There is a x table app too. 

Epic Maths
Nice little maths app for 69p

Mcgraw Hill apps

I got this when they were free and they are nice little apps for maths calculation skills, though be aware they are American so the sums are columns not linear. 

Sail through math
Monster squeeze



Identify the fractions shown by the pizza - as simple as that!

Maths Duel     

Recommended by @Teachric for all ages groups. Great for learning times tables too.

Achieve level 4 maths


A useful app to help prepare for maths SATs. Great if you can persuade parents to purchase, but also useful in school as the technology really does engage children.

Grand Prix multiplication
Well I am an F1 fan!! This app does what it says on the tin.    69p

Problem solving

This first app asks you to make 10. It starts of easier, then requires a bit of logical / strategical thinking as you go through the levels. I got this one free through 
apps gone free. 

Countdown numbers game does what it says on the tin, though at £1.99.

Numbers is another good app that asks you to create numbers in a kind of countdown style. You can only use the numbers given and symbols once. The adverts may bug you though ...