Arty, creative apps


There are lots of doodling apps available for free and I haven't included these as they are all down to personal preference. The apps included on this page are ones that go a bit beyond this. 

Although it is quite expensive in app terms (£5.49) Brushes is an app that will let you produce amazing art work. Watch a video demonstration that showcases it's potential here.

Create original pictures and art in the style of Arcimboldo with faces imake 



@ICTevangelist told me about this sweet little app and has created a great screencast. The picture is my attempt at a Miro using the free lite version.

Shape collage allows you to create beautiful collages quickly with your photos. 


Art set is an app that has a range of art media available right in your ipad. Create stunning pictures with this relatively cheap app.

69p lab

Put your photo into all sorts of places, like magazine articles or your fave footballer's t-shirt!

Masterpiece me

Make yourself into a masterpiece with Masterpiece me!


If you love pictionary you'll love Draw Something. Drawing fun with friends!


Teleporting torch

The new app from Nightzookeeper lets you complete missions then teleport them to an online dashboard! Marvellous!


Drawing Torch

My favourite app for November '12 is this fantastic creative app from the marvellous Night Zookeeper people. The difference between this and other drawing apps is that it helps your creativity by giving you missions to get drawing and use your imagination!

Sumo Paint
We have loved using Sumo paint on the computer and now we can use it on the ipad too!
Color effects
Add a splash of colour for free to your pictures with this lovely little app. Check out some examples from 5 and 6 year olds here.

Colour splash is a great little app that allows you to give your photos a dramatic look by converting them to black and white before letting you keep certain details in colour.