Apps for English

The apps on this page support your children's writing and creative work in English, across the curriculum. You will find phonics apps on a different page.

Comic life is a perfect app for creating comics, posters, information sheets and leaflets across the curriculum. Easy enough to use with 6 year olds. You can see how my class used them for Samuel Pepys fact sheets here.


Comic life 3 is now available for your mac - but is a hefty £22.99

Creative book builder is an alternative to book creator. 


Book creator is a great little 
app for making ibooks easily. For examples of what year 
2/1s have made, look at our class blog and examples from year 5/4s

You can see some recent iBooks that my children have made here.


Create slick movies quickly with imovie.  Check out this tutorial if you need help. You can see a promotional film that one of my digital leaders made here, but there are many creative examples out there too!

These three animation apps, sock puppets, puppet pals and I can animate are on the animations page, but are repeated on here because of the obvious impact they can have on talking and writing.